3 Steps to Feeling Beautiful + Well

Dear Feminine Path Followers,

I’m sending a quick, but hopefully, meaningful “Inspiration into Action” idea so you can take advantage of all the growth potential of the spring.

The energy this April feels particularly potent. I see so many people changing around me. Some of it is a “grab the bull by the horns” kind of change, and others are experiencing the more subtle shifts where their hearts are opening and long held emotions are being released.

Either way a small seed of change was planted so growth could take place.


No matter where you are at in your life, whether you really want to lose those last 15lbs, or you know that you need a bigger life-overhaul – start today.

Here is my 3 Step Feminine Path Inspiration into Action Plan. The “Feminine” part being that it is gentle, nurturing, and body-based. It’s about creating yourself from the inside out.

Step 1) Pick one small seed.
Choose one value that you admire in others and want for yourself.
Honesty, Compassion, or Self-Respect. It could be not judging others or yourself. Honouring your individuality. Honouring promises you make – to yourself or others. Hint: What quality energizes and centres you?

Step 2) Plant it.
When you think about this value or way of being, notice how you feel in your body. Say the word to yourself and feel what happens in your body. Imagine yourself acting in a way that is aligned with your value. What changes do you notice in your body? Remember what that feels like. Embody it.

Step 3) Water and Feed.
Nurture this new quality in yourself. Acknowledge yourself for when you practise living this behaviour. Be kind with yourself when you forget to act in a way that is aligned with this value.

It’s easy to get stuck on changing the outer you when you aren’t happy with how you look.

Focusing on our inner qualities can bring about an immediate change in how we feel about ourselves right now.

Acting with grace and beauty will translate into walking a little taller and making good choices for yourself.

When you are dealing with not liking your body and not treating it (and you) well there is often some way you are out of integrity with yourself.

Bingeing is not an act of beauty. I know this from personal experience…it ain’t pretty.

Quite honestly, I have always hated dieting and rebelled at the idea of being told what to eat. The thought of having to eat in a prescribed way for the rest of my life in order to be leaner never made sense.

I found that being honest with myself about why, what or how much I was eating created lasting change. Being honest with myself in all aspects of life is an ongoing challenge and a worthy pursuit. And sometimes, a little denial is healthy too…it’s complicated.

So, find your seed of personal growth. Breathe it in. Embody it when you can. Feel beautiful and well.

Ah Spring!