How I Help

Holistic or Integrated describes my philosophy and approach.  I draw from insight-oriented, body-oriented, family of origin, cognitive, and transpersonal therapies.  I also look to neuropsychology, nutrition, fitness, energy medicine, and Eastern healing approaches (yoga, Chinese medicine, chakras) to understand and address blocks – whether they are mental, emotional or physical.  I include social and environmental influences when looking at the bigger picture of ones health.

Therapy or Coaching?  Depending on where you are in your life right now, one will be a better fit to move you towards the person that you truly want to be. During your consultation we can determine what type of support will serve you best. You may decide to start with brief therapy then transition to coaching.

Generally, if you have never done any inner work and feel depressed or anxious then therapy may be for you.

Sometimes people feel intimidated by “therapy”.  They may feel anxious about, “what will come up” and, “What will happen if I change?”.  I adapt my work to the individual so that you can get the pieces of the puzzle and insights that you need.  Often, small insights can help you to feel and cope better; understanding your family dynamics, beliefs about your body, or expectations you have of yourself can bring about radical shifts.

If you feel stuck and know that now is the time to take action in moving towards your health and life goals then coaching will provide the support you need.

Health Coaching may be for you if you are looking to make changes to how you approach your diet and exercise, stress-reduction, self-care routines, and attending to your emotional health needs. Together we will map out a healthier lifestyle plan that will become a sustainable way of life that feels organic to you, fits you and makes sense to you.

Because I am trained as Somatic psychotherapist, I include body-oriented techniques meaning that I will often help you to access your felt experience of your body through breathwork, sensory awareness, somatic exercises, movement or hands-on techniques.

Regardless of the issue that you are struggling with, we will look at the connection between your thoughts, feelings, habits and beliefs.  I will help you to make connections between hidden thoughts and  unconscious behaviours.  I trust in those “lightbulb” moments where clients see or feel what they need, then support them in the natural process of their growth.

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation and see how I can help you have a happier and healthier life.


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