My approach is one informed first by the belief that human beings and the human body is miraculous. Human beings are designed to grow and heal given the right environment. I truly believe that personal growth is always possible…that it’s never too late. 

I am trained as a  Somatic Psychotherapist.  Soma is an ancient Greek word for “lived body” or “experienced body”. The word psychotherapy is derived from the Greek word psyche – meaning soul or essence, and  therapeia meaning “to serve” or “medical treatment”. For me, this beautifully expresses my pursuit: to help individuals by listening and attending to their experiences – their story and their felt sense of their body.  With this intention, healing and growth take place.

My role is to help you deeply connect, find compassion, and love for yourself in order to heal your relationship with yourself – mind, body, heart and soul. Psychotherapy is an exploration of: origins of wounds, core beliefs, thought processes, a felt sense of self, and who we are in relationship to another.  This process can allow you to know yourself deeply, value and accept yourself. I integrate conventional approaches to therapy with body-oriented techniques (breathwork, sensory awareness, somatic awareness).

As a Health coach, I will work with you on a specific goal or problem. Still working with kindness, compassion, and humour  (a must for success in any relationship) we will look at your mindset, beliefs and habits. We will identify your strengths and inner resources to move forward in attaining your goals and finding solutions. I will work with you in providing the tools for transformation.  My goal is to help you reach your goals and create an enduring sense of well-being.

Education and Professional Experience

I have worked as a health professional for 30 years. Starting as a massage therapist, I was struck by the profound healing power of touch and the potential for healing when people connected to their bodies and feelings. During those years I studied Reiki, Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy, and Yoga. Seeing the link between my client’s physical and emotional lives inspired me to understand the mind and body from both a Western scientific, and Eastern perspective.

I attained my BSc. in Psychology; then sought out a counselling program that taught psychology from a holistic perspective. In 2000, I graduated with an MA in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. My education has provided me with a truly integrated perspective of humans that connects the mind-body-spirit.  As part of my graduate work I studied Integrated Health – a model of healthcare that combines psychoneuroimmunology, Qi gong, mandalas, and other traditional healing practices with modern medicine. My trainings have included mindfulness meditation, Eastern philosophy and spirituality, and shamanic work.

My work is informed by a wide range of experience in health and healing.  I have worked as a sports science technician and massage therapist with Olympic athletes and attended the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. My graduate school experiences included working with Vietnamese POW’s at a centre for healing trauma. I have worked with people in the arts – professional dancers, musicians, and actors. Many of my clients have come from the business world in highly competitive positions.

I am grateful and feel honoured to be allowed into an individual’s life; to be a witness to their pain, and part of their journey of healing.

“Physician heal thyself” 

Parallel to my formal education ran my personal journey. Like many therapists and healers, it was through my own pain and healing that I came to wanting to help others. I know that entrenched behaviours and beliefs can be transformed. Through my own struggle with an eating disorder, loss, and life’s hurdles, I found help through therapy and complementary healing modalities. I have learned how challenges, both internal and external, can be transformed into personal growth and being at peace with oneself.

My passion and mission is to help people embrace emotional health in order to live healthier lives, to help women heal their relationship with food and their bodies, and work towards a holistic model of health.



Helen Croza MA Psychology, Registered Clinical Counsellor.  Psychotherapy and Health Coaching for a happier and healthier life.  For a free 15 minute consultation: Book online.  Contact Helen at helen@helencrozacounselling.com, or call 604-815-4131.  The office is located in Squamish, BC, Canada. Phone or Skype sessions are available.

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