What Nature and Weight Loss Have in Common

What Nature and Weight Loss Have in Common

One of my daily resources for getting out of “overwhelm” is Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Havehttp://marknepo.com

It reminds me of the bigger picture of my spiritual growth while grounding me in the spirit of everyday life. Nepo offers daily writings and meditations. I’ve read this book almost daily over the past 10 years!

As I’ve said before, tending to my spirit was a big piece of understanding myself and ending a life of bingeing and purging.

The other day Nepo described how in the natural world the cover that protects us is no longer needed once the centre is strong. So skin or bark shed to allow growth. But we humans can hang on to the “cover” so it grows thick and we lose touch with our essential selves.

This reminded me that the “cover” or protection can be the outer appearances of how we want to be seen – whether that means our physical body, our choice of clothes, how our relationships look, or the kind of career we choose.

I think of body and food issues as both the “cover and protection”.

We can focus on our body or “cover” as the problem and source of our unhappiness because it’s: “not thin enough”, “not right”, “too old”, “thighs too big”, “stomach too big”, or “breasts not big enough or too big”.

Our body can also serve us as a “protection”; it gives us something concrete to fix about ourselves when we don’t feel secure about our inherent worth. Having extra weight can be the protection that makes us feel safe.

Finally, we are “protected” when we avoid and numb the urge and voice of our essential self by turning to food or exercise, or whatever makes us feel “safe”.

So…quietly grow your centre.

Pay attention to that niggling feeling, the persistent small voice, the pattern that keeps repeating itself. How is your essential self trying to get your attention?

To help you with this, here is a suggestion. 

Instead of focusing on counting calories and burning calories…starting today and through the month of July quietly focus on a part of your life that needs your attention. 

Grow your inner self.

Whatever it is…take some small action.

Say “yes” to the thing that scares you. Say “no” to the things (or people) you are afraid to say no to.

See what happens when you shift your energy to growing on the inside, and how your body changes as a result.

Outside circumstances of relationships or work will shed or morph into a better fit.

Nurturing your own growth is a way of honouring the Feminine to take up space in your life.

I really believe that the more we allow this energy to be expressed, the more we value the act of nurturing. Nurturing leads to growth. Growth leads to fulfilling one’s self-expression. Self-expression expands our sense of self…and that’s where well-being truly come from.

Here’s to growing and becoming,



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