Personal stuff and why I say it’s never too late.


After taking some time away from social media over the summer, I decided to take more chances and be “all in”.

Previously, I chose to keep my personal life separate from my biz, until now…

I realized that being more transparent about my challenges can inspire women to realize their dreams – instead of feeling completely stuck, too old, or desperately in need of shaking up their beliefs about themselves. So I decided to share more.

For starters…

This is my beautiful boy Sam – the inspiration behind my new writings (blogs) under the category
“Mommy has menopause”.

My reflections on life and health from a first time mom who is old enough to be a grandmother.

When I say “it’s never too late” to be who you want to be…I’m not kidding.

I became a registered massage therapist at 20 (sometimes it’s never too early).
I went to university for the first time at 28.  
I moved out of the country to go to graduate school at 38.
I got married at 48, and in my 40’s my goal was to become a mother by the time I was 50. A month to the day of my 50th birthday, that dream became true.

I’ve also had breast cancer. Even though I ate (still do mostly) organic food, was fit and happy, loved my work, and had fantastic family and friends…life happens.

I know about reaching goals…even the ones that you don’t dare to believe or that others think are crazy!

If you’ve been following me you may know that I struggled with bulimia for many years – about 20. My work with women is built on my success in ending my bulimic behaviour and pursuing my dreams.

I want to help other women pursue their dreams.

It’s that simple.

When you struggle with eating and have body issues that is your growing point.

That is the doorway to your transformation.

That’s why for you, dieting and finding the right exercise program are band aids…diversions from where you really need to look.

You need to work-in not work-out.

Understanding what is happening on a psychological and spiritual level will set you free.  



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