What Clients are Saying

Praise from Clients


“What an amazing opportunity this was to spend with Helen! In a very positive, supportive environment, combined with simple, easy to use tools, Helen gently pointed me in the right direction to a healthier, happier me. I walked away after 12 weeks a little taller, more comfortable in my own skin and clear about what’s been stopping me from being fabulous me. My clothes fit better. I am more confident. Hold on to your hats people here comes an inspired woman fresh from a powerful course on embodying all that makes me who I am!” S.T.


“Thanks for a great session the other week. It feels good to be moving forward.
The eating and exercising piece is going well. It feels great to be released from the binge / starve cycle.  Thank you so much for your help – I feel very grateful for the insights you have given me. Thanks for everything. You are a gift.”    Julie M.


“I have worked with and attended a few of Helen’s workshops. She is a woman of high integrity and has a unique ability to teach in a mindful, gentle and caring way. I would highly recommend working with Helen to receive an enlightening experience of tapping into your negative belief system in order to change and achieve a healthier, happier you. She will coach you in taking off the mask and bringing out the “true you”. T.H.

“I am more in control of my eating. I have learned to be accountable to myself without obsessing over food. I take the tools Helen provided and use them daily, i.e. mindful eating, finding another way to deal with stress then eating.” T.D. 

“I loved our session last week, I felt very powerful”  C.R.

“It was such a great talk and I really feel that you touched and inspired every single woman in that room. You have so much knowledge and warmth to be shared!”  M. R.