The Feminine Path to Wellness

a kinder, more empowered approach to food, your body, and yourself.


Are you one of many women who never feel good enough?

You wake up every day with a goal to be healthier, fitter or thinner.

You constantly think about food or how you look.

And, you are always working on yourself…trying to be “better”.

Working hard at health and wellness isn’t the answer…it’s the problem.

Radical change is needed in our culture and on the planet.

It’s time for a revolution in how we think of health and fitness.

I’m here to help you end your battle with food, your body and more importantly…with yourself, so you are free to get on with your life and dreams.


Helen Croza, MA

Therapist, Mentor, and Guide

A long time ago when I sought help for my eating disorder, a therapist told me to stop eating chocolate because it was a trigger food. I found a new therapist.

Deep down, I knew it wasn’t chocolate that caused me to binge…

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Feminine Path Coaching

You are not meant to spend your one precious life consumed by food and calories, frustrated with your body, and never feeling good enough. It’s time for a kinder and more empowering approach to health and happiness.

I believe the pursuit of health shouldn’t be stressful…but should feel simple, be sustainable and feed our soul.

Therapy Services

I offer individual therapy to women who are wanting support to make changes in their life. You may feel stuck in some aspect of life; unhappy and tired of habits, relationships, or work that is draining and does not feed your soul.

I believe that many of our illnesses and stress-related conditions come from emotional wounds, unacknowledged traumas, and suppressed feelings. We have plenty of information about health, but do not understand how to heal from emotional and physical trauma.

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“Hold onto your hats, people…here comes an inspired woman…”

“What an amazing opportunity this was to spend with Helen! She created a very positive, supportive environment, combined with simple, easy to use tools, and gently pointed me in the right direction to a healthier, happier me. I walked away after 12 weeks a little taller, more comfortable in my own skin and clear about what’s been stopping me from being fabulous me. My clothes fit better. I am more confident. Hold on to your hats people, here comes an inspired woman fresh from a powerful course on embodying all that makes me who I am!”


“When did you learn to measure your worth with a mirror and a scale?”

– Helen Croza


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