About Me

For years I kept thinking that something was wrong with me.

Why did I struggle with eating and trying to lose weight? I enjoyed being active and exercising, but why did I lose control with food?

I trusted myself enough to keep looking for help and the real answer. Chocolate wasn’t the problem. Through therapy, education and my healing journey, I found the answer.

The reason so many women struggle with this issue is that they don’t know to look at the underlying issues. The weight loss and fitness industry focuses on the outside of the body and what we put in our body.

Food and body issues are about what is happening on the inside – stress, past trauma, subconscious beliefs, early childhood experiences, and all those thoughts – anxious, critical, self-doubting, and chronically comparing ourselves to others.

The real question is “Why are we eating?”


Helen Croza, MA

Therapist, Mentor, and Guide

I want to help women stop spending their precious life focusing on diets.

You can be liberated from this battle and feel free to get on with your life and dreams.

To read about my experience with an eating disorder and the healing journey that changed my life click here.

“I’ve learned that loving yourself requires a courage unlike any other. It requires us to believe in and stay loyal to something no one else can see that keeps us in the world – our own self-worth.”

– Mark Nepo

professional Experience, Education, & Training

I’ve been deeply committed to wellness all my life and draw from decades of formal studies and training about the mind, body and spirit, from science, wisdom traditions, Eastern health philosophies, spiritual work and my personal healing journey.

I’ve worked as a Somatic Psychotherapist for 20 years in Private Practice, Public Health, and at the Chopra Addiction & Wellness Center.

I started out as a Reg. Massage Therapist in 1980; then studied Reiki, Cranialsacral therapy, yoga, and mindfulness meditation. Over 10 years I worked at Canada’s first weight loss retreat for women. I began a Physical Education degree that led to working as an Exercise Physiology tech with the Canadian Olympic Swim Team. I was committed to understanding the mind and body holistically using a scientific approach, so shifted to the study of psychology.

Over the past 15 years I have developed my work on The Feminine Path to Wellness.

This somatically-based and holistic health philosophy addresses a missing piece in women’s wellness, especially food and body issues. I’ve shared this work through individual and group programs, and workshops; I have seen how it changes a woman’s perspective of herself and offers a new lens on her life and the world.

I’ve presented an earlier piece of this work, the Machine Metaphor, at the 2004 International Conference on Spirituality and Health, Vancouver, BC.


  • M.A. Counselling Psychology (Somatic Psychotherapy) – The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA
  • B.Sc. (Psychology) – University of Calgary, Alberta.
  • Reg. Massage Therapist – Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy. Sutton, Ontario.


  • Trauma work
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Cranialsacral Therapy
  • Nutrition

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“I am forever grateful.”

“I found Helen at a time in my life when I was desperately seeking guidance and looking for an expert who specialized in women & body issues. There hasn’t been a moment that I’ve regretted reaching out to her. She has had a massive impact on my life and I am forever grateful.”

– Molly F.