The Feminine Path


The Feminine Path Philosophy

My work is founded on the truth that humans are part of nature and the universe, and like everything in nature, we are meant to heal, grow, and become the fullest expression of our unique self. Yet we live as if we are separate and superior to nature. We live as if we have more in common with machines – valuing productivity and efficiency.

Unlike older cultures we do not acknowledge universal principles and our place in the Cosmos. North American culture in particular does not recognize the inherent equality of the Feminine and the Masculine energies, nor their existence and presence in all humans and nature.

Living in a patriarchal society, we have normalized and over-valued the Masculine aspect, and generally deem the Feminine as “less than”.

The preference for the Masculine and discomfort with the Feminine is evident in our society when:

Being is not as valuable as Doing. Feelings are less reliable than Logic. Giving is better than Receiving. Chaos is scarier than Structure. Independence is better than Dependence.

The “balance” that many people seek is actually the need for a correction. The Feminine Path is a health philosophy that speaks to the need for a revision in how we think of ourselves.

We all suffer from our disconnection to nature, and from the intergenerational trauma of living in systems of patriarchy – societies where power over the other and domination have ruled. 

I believe that many illnesses, addictive behaviours, and stress-related conditions come from emotional wounds, unacknowledged traumas, suppressed feelings, and essentially the harm of living in a mechanistic and patriarchal society.

Modern medicine is nothing less than miraculous in its ability to fix us when we are broken.

But we also need to know about healing our emotional pain. Healing is a different skill set. It requires a trust in the tools that engage more of the Feminine aspect of us – tears, rest, space, surrender and connection. By learning to heal, we can prevent reliance on addictive behaviours to numb and avoid. We develop our inner resources for self-comfort, so we don’t project our unprocessed pain onto others.

The Feminine Path teaches this kinder and more empowering approach to well-being.

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“Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.”

– Naomi Wolf


“I look back to when I decided to reach out to you and I remember feeling so much shame and fear, and I just don’t feel that way anymore. I feel empowered with knowledge and strength and a new kind of openness and dare I say gentleness with myself.”

– Anonymous